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An innovative new snail farming method: the curtain method has been implemented ith a huge success rate by Touchstone snails in Greece

Using the curtain method in a snail farm has a lot of advantages, mainly pertaining to the better management of snails as well as the facility’s hygiene.Snail feces fall to the ground without coming into contact with the snails.

In addition and very importantly, this method ensures satisfactory ventilation conditions, which, in turn, prevent diseases from being spread.

The curtain method has zero impact on the snail’s life cycle. Snails do not need to be placed in a horizontal position; they can move, mate or sleep just as comfortably in a vertical position or, even, upside down.

The curtain method makes daily inspections and tasks much easier for the snail farmer since the farmer has visible contact with all snails at all times without disturbing them or without being required to bend over in order to lift the breeding pallets. (Breeding pallets being the more traditional snail breeding methodology

This way, there is a clear picture of the stages of fertilization, birth and offspring development. Also, it is much easier to trace and remove dead snails, which should be disposed of on a daily basis in order to ensure a clean farm with good hygienic conditions.

The curtain method makes snail harvesting simpler, since farmers do not need to keep bending as would have been the case with breed pallets.



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