It has been a long and winding road to quote a certain Mr McCartney. A road filled with many forks, dead ends and challenges. Strangely though none of them really related to the mycelia – the mushroom . that has resolutely been the single stable aspect of the journey. To fulfil the dream of a VIABLE , sustainable and scalable commercial exotic mushroom facility that can deliver a volume of Exotic Mushrooms to order takes more than just the knowledge of a market opportunity. Indeed much more. It takes a belief  and passion to do something which will not bend in the face of the onslaught of challenges and disappointments and dead ends.


And time,  precious time, days, weeks , months and years pass while you work to get the right elements in place, not just the growing, or the actual facility, or what you will use as the grow rooms, deciding between species, sterilization versus pasturization,  your market, WHERE the money is going to come from as you very fast realise that to do this , to do it PROPERLY is going to cost, PROPERLY. And all of it needs to align at the same time. And you are the puppeteer behind the scenery pulling at the strings while circumstances scissors pluck and cut at this string and that string

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But then one day the last piece falls into place and in an instant you recognize that the moment is upon you . Late 2015 brought forth that moment.  At the end of the Mycelial trial lies the fruit body and the perfect ecological circle you imagined all that time ago, within reach at last.

World renowned Mycologist Paul Stemmets.


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