Barefoot and Tiptoe have set up an environment that offers their snails protection from predators but also an ideal ‘natural ‘ environment to thrive in that can also easily be kept hygienic for both the snails and the ultimate production of snail meat.

The overall structure is made up of initially 4 Tunnel constructions that can house 1.25  million snails each making use of the ‘Curtain method’ of snail farming thereby taking advantage of not only available vertical space but also of the benefits that offers in terms of hygiene and ability to manage the snail stocks effectively and efficiently on a daily basis

Capture 021


The tunnels are supplied with lighting and Humidification systems to provide the snails with the necessary temperature  and humidity environment for them.

Capture 02

The curtain method is based upon ‘shelf row’ structures that allow for the hanging of the curtains upon hich the snails grow, The surface area beneath the curtains is planted with Feed Radish and other fast growing leafy plants that provide the snails with both shelter as ell as  additional varied food sources. The main food source and ater is based on a formulated grain based food that is fed daily and placed at the top of the curtaining structure. this is easy to clean and keep hygeinic for the snails.

In miniature form the curtains look similar to this

52719228_2460976000593095_4787198748876865536_o 52574002_2460974833926545_1590486210013298688_o



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