B&TT Snail Production

The farming of land snails is called heliciculture.

Certain types of snails are favored for commercial farming because of their size and the quantity of meat they produce. Many species of snails that are good for farming are found in Europe,

The two main genuses that farmers like are Helix and Achatina, but other smaller snail types are also farmed. Snail species regularly farmed in Europe include Helix aspersa and Helix pomatia, while the giant snail species are farmed in Africa.

Achatina fulica, the giant African snail, aka “tiger stripes,” is the largest land snail in the world.

Helix includes Helix aspersaHelix lucorumHelix aperta and Helix pomatia, while Achatina includes Achatina fulica and four other species. Other snail types farmed for meat and other commercial purposes are Otala lactealIberus alonensisCepaea nemoralisCepaea hortensisOtala punctataEobania vermiculataTheba pisanaand many more.

Some Edible Snails

Scientific Name Origin Size
Otala lacteal Europe 24-37 mm
Cepaea nemoralis Europe 27 mm max
Helix aspersa Europe, US, New Zealand, Southern Africa 22-47mm
Cepaea hortensis Europe about 22 mm
Eobania vermiculata Europe 22-32 mm
Helix lucorum Europe 25-45 mm
Helix aperta Europe and North Africa 22-28 mm
Achatina fulica Africa 20-328 mm

B&TT have selected the highly desirable and favored  Helix Aspersa snail as their primary product to be supplied both fresh as well as in bulk to the market for sale as both fresh as well as vale add secondary pre-prepared foods.

b710a7444651cdc39b3c730e27b666f1A planned second phase of development of snail meat is for the production of value add to the supply of fresh snails in the form of Canned, Vacuum packed in brine, fresh products like snail pate as well as bottled snails in various sauces, pesto, smoked, tomato, herbed, garlic etc.


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