The Curtain method

An innovative new snail farming method: the curtain method has been implemented ith a huge success rate by Touchstone snails in Greece Using the curtain method in a snail farm has a lot of advantages, mainly pertaining to the better management of snails as well as the facility’s hygiene.Snail feces fall to the ground […]


Barefoot and Tiptoe Production Facility

The Barefoot and Tiptoe Snail Breeding Facility is situated between Randfontein and Carletonville in Gauteng approximately 50 kms from the centre of Johannesburg. The planning and development of the facility is of a modular nature due to the requirement of the  production of Escargot (snails) to cater to the retail industry by being able to supply […]


Grow rooms

Barefoot and Tiptoe have set up an environment that offers their snails protection from predators but also an ideal ‘natural ‘ environment to thrive in that can also easily be kept hygienic for both the snails and the ultimate production of snail meat. The overall structure is made up of initially 4 Tunnel constructions that […]