Barefoot and Tiptoe Production Facility

The Barefoot and Tiptoe Exotic Mushroom Facility is situated between Randfontein and Carletonville in Gauteng approximately 50 kms from the centre of Johannesburg. The planning and development of the facility is of a modular nature due to the requirement of the production of Exotic Mushrooms to cater to the retail industry by being able to […]


Grow rooms

See blog article (How Mushrooms grow for background to this)¬†http://www.barefootandtiptoe.co.za/how-mushrooms-grow/ In order to grow Exotic Mushrooms and to be able to consistently supply both volume and quality mushrooms a close to ideal environment needs to be set up, commissioned, monitored and manipulated. Essentially what we are doing is taking something that naturally occurs seasonally and […]

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Barefoot and Tiptoe are investing in establishing an on-site laboratory in order for us to produce our own inoculation spawn in quantities we require for our production output. We also manage our spawn quality this way. The spawn production laboratory is situated some distance away from the Mushroom production facility on the property. Petri dish […]

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Sterilisation and Autoclaving

Pasteurisation versus¬†Sterilisation: Pasteurisation or Sterilisation ensures that the substrate delivered to the growing rooms is clean, disease free and absent of any other type of fungus.The aim of this step is to destroy any pests, diseases, pathogens,and competing moulds in the substrate so that the mushroom mycelium can establish itself through the substrate without competition […]