How mushrooms grow

Mushrooms are a unique biota which assembles their food by secreting degrading enzymes and decompose the complex food materials present in the biomass where they grow, to generate simpler compounds, which they then absorb, and transform into their own peculiar tissues. If a section of the gills is cut and examined under the microscope, spores […]


Barefoot and Tiptoe (PTY) Ltd

One early spring morning in 2010 Barefoot and Tiptoe was conceived. The idea was for a business in food production that ascribed to the notions of usage of resources in an eco friendly way to viably and commercially produce food. The food category had to be both of high nourishment value as well as be able […]


On the trail of the Mycelia

It has been a long and winding road to quote a certain Mr McCartney. A road filled with many forks, dead ends and challenges. Strangely though none of them really related to the mycelia – the mushroom . that has resolutely been the single stable aspect of the journey. To fulfil the dream of a […]


The Oudtshoorn Trials

Following a long career in Business Management and Marketing / Advertising,  in mid 2010, I decided to do something new and closer to where my interests now lay. As a quite keen and long time garden designer and vegetable grower I embarked on this as a venture beyond the realms of just subsistence growing on […]