The Barefoot and Tiptoe Snail Breeding Facility is situated between Randfontein and Carletonville in Gauteng approximately 50 kms from the centre of Johannesburg. The planning and development of the facility is of a modular nature due to the requirement of the  production of Escargot (snails) to cater to the retail industry by being able to supply high volumes of superior quality Helix Aspersa Muller in a regular and consistent manner. .


Over the first thirty six months we are projecting an expansion to deliver around 4 Tons of Snails per month. This will require 4 grow rooms built to purpose offering the snails a close to natural habitat offering additional protection from predictors and harsh climatic changes

Water supply is via borehole from a clean high quality water source


To cater for quality and production consistency we have elected to have a ‘fairly high tech production facility’ in terms of the recreation and manipulation of the environments required.


Office and Inoculation area B&TT Facility 6

We are considering making use of the open land area adjacent to the facility for the longer term production of Olive trees for olives and olive oil as well as Lavender for flowers and oil.

A cottage on the property will over time be converted into  a vacuum packing or cannery for the snails while providing an area for the purging, cleaning and preparation of snails to present them to the market in a processed form, eg snSNails in pesto, brine, smoked and the like.



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