Brian Little

Business & Production Director


    Caro Yancek

    Finance & light production Director

      ABOUT US

      Barefoot & Tiptoe (B&TT) are producers of high quality, Helix Aspersa Muller snails for local South African wholesale and export markets. We aim to be a reliable, eco-aware wholesale supplier of fresh and packaged snails (escargot) for local consumption. B&TT implement a scalable, modular production facility to grow their snails. Making use of the tunnel and more recent ‘curtain’ methods of snail farming we are able to supply the snails with a protected and catered for environment on top of a close to natural habitat and lifecycle. The curtain method is relatively new to snail farming and has been implemented with huge successes in modern European snail farming, specifically in Greece, Spain, France and Ireland. The business will also offer employment opportunities, skills development and financial growth to the local community.

      Contact Info

      • +27 79 485 4274
      • Plot 89, Randfontein, Gauteng